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Stockist Locator is the distributor of Environ and Hush & Hush products in Malta and Gozo.

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Begin your Environ journey

Get professional product recommendations from an Environ Skin Expert to create a routine that is perfectly suited for your skin type, concerns and goals.

Environ’s unique and highly effective Vitamin STEP-UP-SYSTEM™ helps the skin become more comfortable with gradually increasing dosages of Vitamin A and other ingredients, thereby reducing the likelihood of a skin reaction. With this in mind, Environ Skin Care products should only be purchased from trained and authorised Environ Skin Care Professionals.

Environ believes that this approach will ensure complete consumer satisfaction as the power of the company’s beautiful science always requires the consultation and product recommendation of a Skin Care Professional.

Facts about Environ skincare products

Due to the dosages of Vitamin A and the concentration of antioxidant ingredients, Environ products should only be purchased following a skin consultation with a professional.

Environ is a medical-grade skincare brand. This means that it’s important to schedule a skincare consultation to find a suitable facial treatment that addresses your skin concerns.

What happens if I buy an Environ counterfeit product?

Be mindful of any online stores selling Environ. If they show prices on their website, this means that they are counterfeit.

Environ products go through an extensive process to make sure that all active ingredients used are of the highest quality, and their containers are made so that the skincare products can be stored safely.

Counterfeit products have unknown ingredients, no quality assurance, are unsafe to use and can cause severe reactions. If they are sold without a skin consultation, this can lead to damaging effects on the skin.