Skin Capsule BRIGHTEN+


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Evenly-Toned Skin for the Win

  • Supports a radiant, bright complexion
  • Helps to promote an even skin tone with a science-backed blend of melon, grapeseed, vitamin C and zinc
  • Supports a topical regimen aimed at evening the skin tone
  • Vegan, plant-based
  • Suitable for women and men


About SkinCapsule Brighten+

Dark spots and discoloration can easily age your appearance. No matter what the discoloration looks like on the surface of your skin, it’s all caused by the same factor: overproduction of melanin, the dark pigment in our skin. Throw sun exposure, inflammation, and hormonal fluctuations into the mix, and you have the ultimate recipe for unwanted discoloration.

Discoloration affects all skin tones, yet it doesn’t look the same from one person to the next. While some skin tones see more redness, pinkness and blotchiness in their complexions (especially post-breakout), others see larger dark spots or even diffuse patches of color.

For more evenly toned skin, this all-natural supplement, which relies on clean, clinical, plant-based ingredients, works to lessen the appearance of unwanted signs of discoloration, sunspots, redness, and uneven skin tone. A blend of scientifically sound and proven brightening agents, including vitamin C, patented ingredients like Amlamax, Lutemax, Saberry and SkinAx2, work deep within the skin to create brighter, more illuminated, healthier-looking skin that’s even.

How to use

Take 2 capsules with food, preferably during your normal skincare routine.


Will BRIGHTEN+ help with redness in my skin?

Yes, BRIGHTEN+ improves discoloration as well as redness. A potent blend of proven plant-based extracts helps to improve unwanted pigment and coloration in the skin.

Should I still use topical skin brighteners in conjunction with BRIGHTEN+?

We recommend that you continue to use topical skincare products with BRIGHTEN+.


Key Brighteners

Vitamin C (from acerola cherry)

Targets melanin producing cells deep within the skin


Decreases inflammation that affects the skin

Brightening Complex™


A mix of superoxide dismutase, vitamin C and zinc, the proprietary ingredient, works to regulate the synthesis of melanin in the skin

Pomanax® P30

Acts as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory

Saberry® extract

A super fruit that helps improve skin tone


A potent antioxidant that helps protect the skin

Lutein from lutemax 2020

Defends against blue light exposure and damage

Pine bark extract

Reduces UV damage to the skin

Red panax ginseng extract

An anti-inflammatory that inhibits pigment production

Green tea

Contains EGCG which inhibits melanin synthesis


Fights free radical damage


Safeguards the skin against the sun

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